From L-R: Andy Magbanua, Michelle Balabbo, Ma. Isabelita De Guzman (GM) and Ma. Loraine Tatad (Supervisor)
Manages the screening and processing of new membership applications/resignations and continues membership, implements company rules and regulations covering TELESCOOP employees, maintains records of Board & Committees minutes & 201 files. Attends government-initiated updates on the cooperative movement.
Joel Olinares (Supervisor) and Maribel Sengco
Prepares billing statement for redundant/resigned/terminated members for PLDT, non-payroll and subsidiaries, reconciliation of remittances. Monitors payments thru post-dated checks and past-due accounts of all members.
From L-R: Alvin Aureada, Elbert Magcalas, Krsytle Celine Duay (OIC), Edmon Bulaun and Arvie Cuchapin
Develops sales plans and strategies and monitor sales performance, ensures timely delivery of products to buyers. Established and implements marketing plans for all products and services, maintains database files an product performances, buyers feedback, sales and revenue performances, and after sales servicing of accredited suppliers, safe-keeping stock items.
From L-R: Raymond Christian Mendoza, Armi Geneta (Supervisor), Charlene Bravo and Eirleen Magcalas
Attends members' inquiries/verification of accounts, processes all loan applications. In-charge of recording and updating of the subsidiary ledger of members.
Joanna Marie Morillo (Supervisor)
Prepares the financial statements of the Cooperative, processes all payments, in-charged of the updating and maintenance of the general ledger, updates subsidiary ledger for fixed assets, prepares bank reconciliation.
Jacquilou Sapinoso and Lito Amores
Provides internal audit services and conducts activities as required for checking and reviewing that all policies and internal controls are being observed, ensures the existence of funds and assets.
From L-R: Marisa Bravo and Reina Layosa (Supervisor)
Manages and safeguards the funds/investments of the Cooperative, manages vouchers, assigns and prepared cheques for release, safekeeps all negotiable financial instruments of the Cooperative.
From L-R: Anthony Manzano and Janica Joyce Hermosora
Administers and manages the TELESCOOP BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TBMS), ensures accuracy and maintains integrity of financial and non-financial data and reports generated from TBMS.