As a duly registered and compliant Cooperative, the PLDT Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TELESCOOP) respects and complies with the provisions and requirements of Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) more particularly on the collection, storage, disclosure and disposal of personal data collectively known as “personal information” of TELESCOOP Members, Officers, Employees and Stakeholders.

As commonly defined, “Personal Information” refers to all types of personal data of an individual whether recorded in a manual form or not, from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information or when put together with other related information would directly and certainly identify an individual person.

This Data Privacy Policy Statement has been formulated for the purpose of better serving TELESCOOP Members and Stakeholders in the availment of TELESCOOP products and services.


The TELESCOOP Membership Data Form No. 2023-PLDT R (4) and TELESCOOP Membership Data Form No. 2023- PLDT S&A (4) serve as the basic source document where TELESCOOP collects personal data from Applicants for Membership who eventually become Regular Members of TELESCOOP such as:

  1. New or Updating Membership
  2. Name of Company and Employee No.
  3. Civil Status and Gender
  4. Full Given Name
  5. Date of Birth, Age, Place of Birth
  6. Email Address (Personal)- Primary
  7. Email Address (Corporate/Employment)- Secondary
  8. Residential Address
  9. Office Address
  10. Residence Telephone and Mobile Number
  11. Payroll Bank and Account Number
  12. Division, Location, Job Category (RF/MGMT/EXECUTIVE), Position/Title, Date Hired, Salary, Office Telephone Number
  13. SSS and TIN Number
  14. Designation of Beneficiaries which is limited to Legal and Compulsory Heirs for the TELESCOOP Benefit Plan and Membership Benefits
  15. Cooperative Education Trainings/Seminars Attended
  16. Personal Statement on Voluntary Application for Membership, Updating and Authority to Deduct and Disclose

An interested Applicant for Membership who has completed the mandatory Pre-Membership Seminar conducted and administered by the TELESCOOP EDCOM submits the completely filled-up and signed TELESCOOP Membership Data Form to Corporate Service Section.

Corporate Service Section screens, evaluates and prepares a List of Applicants for Membership and endorses the list for approval and/or disapproval by the Board of Directors present in a Regular Board Meeting.

Once approved by the Board of Directors, Corporate Service Section encodes the data appearing in the TELESCOOP Membership Data Forms for all approved New Members in the eTBMS which stores and generates the “Members Information File” and the Master File of all TELESCOOP Members.

Corporate Service Section likewise encodes the data appearing in the “Updating” TELESCOOP Membership Data Form in the eTBMS System for necessary updating of the existing Master File of all TELESCOOP Members.

In the same manner, Corporate Service Section encodes all Board approved separation from Membership due to Voluntary Resignation, Termination, Redundancy, Retirement and other cases of separation from employment service in the eTBMS for generation of Membership Separation Report as basis for payment of Membership Benefits and Death Benefits, as the case maybe.


In the availment of TELESCOOP Products and Services, TELESCOOP collects and stores personal information on the basis of the following submitted TELESCOOP Loan Forms of Members:

  1. Original and Scanned Copies of Loan Application Forms based on the thirteen (13) Categories or Types of Loans containing the signatures and personal information of the Principal Maker and required Co-Makers.
  2. All processed, approved, completed and released proceeds of loan application forms are promptly encoded by Customer Service Section and over-the-counter payment covered by Official Receipts are encoded by Treasury Section in the eTBMS which generates and stores the historical data of Member’s Account commonly identified as “Member's Account Profile” or “Statement of Account Profile”.


As a responsible and compliant Cooperative, TELESCOOP takes and implements equitable and sustained efforts in protecting and safeguarding personal information of TELESCOOP Members and Stakeholders through the use of appropriate security measures to prevent its unauthorized use, access, collection, disclosure, alteration, or modification, destruction, disposal and other similar risks.

The original copies of the TELESCOOP Membership Data Forms for all Members are alphabetically arranged and safekept by Customer Service Section in several wooden cabinets with locks and accessible only to limited authorized personnel.

On the electronic “Members Information Files”, they can only be accessed by limited authorized personnel and strictly required to keep the personal information confidential.

On the disposal of “personal information”, TELESCOOP conforms and follows the BIR Rules and Regulations providing for the 5 years and 10 years retention of documents and subsequent disposal, respectively.


There are compelling reasons or circumstances where there would be need to share Member’s personal information but always done on a confidential basis and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Thus, TELESCOOP may share Member’s personal information with TELESCOOP business partners and service providers as part of TELESCOOP regular business operations and for the provision, enhancement and introduction of new products and services as well as compliance with legal requirements such as but not limited to RA 9510 or the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).


TELESCOOP supports and respects the rights of the Data Subject as provided under Section 16 of RA No. 10173 and Section 34, Rule VIII of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 10173.